Calling Collings


Collings Mountain, Applegate, Southern Oregon

It was one of those days yesterday. The weather was warm. Spring was palpable. The breezes were cool. We had to get out of the house!

This beautiful tramp we went on was wet, mossy, and wonderful!! We went a few miles up before we reached a beautiful clearing towards the top, within view of the still snow-kissed tips of the Red Buttes. There was nothing else in that moment to do other than cartwheels (literally)!

My favorite part? On the way back down, Captain Chaos and I cut right (instead of heading back to the car) up a short trail to………………….


It was built long, long ago to snare “Big” to disprove the myth. But it’s true use has yet to be rendered. It was still quite amazing though! I like to imagine he was secretly inhabiting the structure, channelling his inner Banksy.

Later, as I lay in a daydream about the “Harry and the Hendersons” star, I found myself needing to watch that famous film of him trekking through a forested area. So I did. And I thought to myself, who better to use the word “swag” these days…

That stroll is saucy.


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