Bigger creatures looking out for smaller creatures

Our coastal trip involving Trinidad was perfect. Though grey and misty, there is something very magical about being able to look out across the ocean. This trip was complete with beach combing, soup eating, and tide pooling.

One very surprising event occurred while out frolicking near the water. We found an injured seal pup nestled towards the end of the beach.

Capt Chaos and I looked at eachother, both knowing something had to be done. We walked back towards more popular areas and he flagged down someone who seemed to be local and told her of our findings. She recommended calling a little place called North Coast Marine Mammal Center, but didn’t know the number and started walking the other way with her canine companion. I tracked it down with my spotty cell phone reception and called. I told them where we were, also letting them know we suspected it might be injured due to it dragging one of it’s front flippers. Apparently, they had received a call from  other beach-goers a couple days prior regarding this poor little thing, but could not pinpoint it’s location, and the folks at the center were under the impression it was getting swept up with the tide and going beach to beach, adrift from it’s mother. They were surprised to hear it was still surviving.

We left for the old homestead and over the next few days I checked in with the center, but no word.

After our fourth day of being home, they finally called to let us know they had picked up the seal pup, and it was indeed injured. It was also malnourished and there was evidence of dog attacks. They told us they were going to keep it until the injuries healed and it was healthy again.

After a couple months, Ollie was fat and happy. The people at NMMC did an incredible job.

She was released September 9th, 2012.

(See link below)



The people who work/volunteer at NMMC are beyond words wonderful. Watch Ollie’s release here:


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