Movie Madness!

Walking away from this, I wanted to better myself and found myself smiling. A LOT. Also… hit up your favorite sushi place after and sit at the bar to watch the chefs. They are truly artists. I rate this: YUM! in the sense that it inspires life and your taste buds.


More often than not, I feel there are not enough hours in the day. I also could consume Mexican cuisine almost all the time. For those days, my brain shouts “FAJITAS!” Quick, easy, and yummy to the tummy… This recipe yields dinner for 4. I like mine on the spicy side, but if that doesn’t […]

Calling Collings

Collings Mountain, Applegate, Southern Oregon It was one of those days yesterday. The weather was warm. Spring was palpable. The breezes were cool. We¬†had to get out of the house! This beautiful tramp we went on was wet, mossy, and wonderful!! We went a few miles up before we reached a beautiful clearing towards the […]

The 20’s

What a difficult decade. Finding out who you are and what you’re supposed to be seems nearly impossible! Experience after experience has me at a fork in the road each time. Of the six years I have so far encountered during this decade, there has been one thing I have learned forthrightly. Never let yourself […]